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Bot Features

Fancy looking counters

ServerStats supports multiple counters that automatically updates (every 10 minutes), the counter that exists now are all, members, bots, pending, channels, text, voice, categories, announcement, staging, parent, roles, role, onlinerole, emojis, static, animated, boosts, tier, online, dnd, idle, offline, status, streaming, playing, bans, and connected.

Easy to setup

Some bots are a pain to set up but not ServerStats, just type /setup and the bot will run the setup (creates the default counters, other counter can be created with /counter).

Special functions

ServerStats also supports a couple if special counters and functions, the currently exists of game counter, welcome messages, goal counter and message, and members list exporter.

Fully customizable

You can change the counter in every single way, you don't like the text or you don't want them under a category? no problem. it's also easy to change because most thinks can be done like normal (like deleting a channel to disable it).

Show info

ServerStats can show you server, user, role, channel, emoji, and invite information, all information command show advanced information in a nice looking embed.

And more...

- 100% safe and build with AVG law in mind.

- Accepted on multiple bot list sites.

- Good and friendly support.

- Easy permissions check.